Photos from the 2014-15 Celebrations

Roman and Marilyn Bittman at the October 2014 Banquet

Brent and Heather Harlton pose for their souvenir magazine cover at the October alumni weekend.

Norm Guilfoyle engaged in serious discussion with Marilyn Bittman at October  2014 banquet

Brian Barker and Syd Permutter discuss banquet main course and wine pairing.

Phil Chee at The Blake House dinner in May brings greetings from the west coast

At The Blake House in May.  Syd Permutter, Diane Grell., Jim Coward, Sig Gerber, Suzan Gerber.

Norm Guilfoyle fascinated with Bill Genova's tales of adventure.

At The Blake House in May.  Nancy Lowery, Ken O'Connor, Phil Chee, Caryl Amyotte, Bob Chrysler, Brian Stewart, Brian Barker.


On January 23, 2015 RTA grads from 1950 to the 1980's joined with Syd in celebration of his 90th birthday. The party had a tremendous turnout to the Hot House Cafe in Toronto.

In attendance from '64 were Norm Guilfoyle, Gai Claitman, Ken O'Connor, Brian Barker, Roman Bittman, Bill Genova, Jim Coward, Phil Chant.

Happy Birthday Uncle Syd!

Hasn't changed a bit.


Gord Shlanger (RTA'63) has compiled a file from all the e-mail birthday messages sent to Syd from grads and friends. Makes great reading. Thanks to all who took the time to write and to Gord for all the work in putting this document together.


Compilation of birthday best wishes to Syd.